The history of Chinese wooden art has a thousand years of history. Between “wooden technique” and “wooden art”,
traditional culture has given birth to modern human growth and civilization.
Little White Dragon rooted in building blocks toy product development, manufacturing and quality,
immersed in the development of building blocks toys for nearly 20 years.
We find and look forward to: China needs Chinese-style building blocks products and building blocks cultural heritage.

we must provide China with more building blocks and building blocks derivatives that
we can consume. We should integrate more profound Chinese culture into our high world.
We want more sense of plot, literary, growth and mission;
all of this,
we are positioning it as a “new hope project” that goes beyond the building blocks themselves.

Because  we come from China!
We have a high world!


Chinese wooden art

In the origins of China’s wisdom and cultural development, the only use of wood, as early as 7000 years ago appeared tenon structure, even more than the history of Chinese characters even earlier, between a tenon and one dirct, a turn between the twists and turns , Built thousands of years of Chinese wood culture.

If we do the best technology, is the tractability of art and carry forward.

Building Blocks

There is almost no such product as a building block, so can inherit and popularize China’s wooden culture, especially between the marketplace and the child, trace the history, describe the present and look forward to the future.

If we can influence children, we can influence the future.


Little White Dragon aspires to be the historical dragon of China’s building block culture. In the infinite creative world built by small squares, it promotes and develops China as a successor to the creation and promotion of Chinese-style children’s puzzle.
Little White Dragon’s social responsibility is to inherit skills and influence the future responsibility for the development of history.


Brand Positioning:
Top Leader in China’s Building Block Culture
Business Areas:
Building on the Building Blocks and Expanding to the Educational, Cultural and Recreational Industry
Enterprise Mission:
Building China’s Highest World
Market with Global Implications :
First Unit in China’s New Third Board Innovation Unit